Backlit by the sun

by Joe Calvanelli

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LIFE 03:03
LIFE Don´t you ever be ashamed of any scar. It always show you how strong you really are. You´re so much stronger then whatever tried to hurt you. Take what you´ve got and give it all your best. Show ´em who you are. Life, live your life All I want is to live my life live your life……..there is no second chance inside every old man is a young boy still wondering What the hell happened I guess that was my life. there comes a time when you have to stop - crossing all the oceans. for the people who´d never ever jump a puddle for you Life, live your life All I want is to live my life LIFE
Walking down 5TH AVENUE, She was standing all alone. Smoking her last cigarette crying on the phone. She said; feeling all alone, when you´re being all alone you ended up in a bad company so true so sad. East Side West Side Take a walk on the riverside Up Town Downtown I´m getting´up I´m getting´down Up Street Back Street Walking down 5th Avenue Left Side Right Side Walking down 5th Avenue Afraid of the dark, acting real shy. I said; Don´t be hesitating, I am an aw´rite guy You´re wings on my phantasies, you let me fly away. To another better place to be on a cold November day. East Side West Side Believe-you-me you´re looking sweet divine. Moving like a fox., I need to pour italian wine over all my thoughts. Like a house of cards that´s almost done Don´t wanna tear it down. Come on baby, let´s have some fun Let´s get lost and found.
I want to see a red sun I´ve seen better days, I´ve seen worse. scars on my body, wrinkles in my face. Currently making, changes in life I haven´t called you cause you´re a change. Man, I came a long way, got a long way to go No glass is empty, If you feel it overflow Wanna see a red sun go down in the ocean Silver lining surrounding my clouds Too many hard miles on bad roads Singing my story Singing my thoughts I´m gonna sit here, celebrating No Fear A salty wind right in my face, with a glass of Cabernet No glass is empty , If you feel it overflow. Man, I came a long way, got a long way to go On my side? Are you really by my side? or Are you Standing in my way? (you´re standing in my god damn way, you´re standing in-my-way!)
NOTHING GROWS IN SHADOWS The top down on my Jeep and the flops on my feet all the sunny days left a tan in my face I try my best to do all this wrong things right ´cause on this right side of wrong just getting by is a fight Always when I loose my way I remember the words you´d say NOTHING GROWS IN SHADOWS SO LEAVE YOUR TROUBLES BEHIND Ya AND WHEN YOU´RE NOT AS GOOD AS YOU WANNA BE REMEMBER THAT YOU´RE BETTER THAN YOU USED TO BE From my dirty rear mirror a wooden cross is hanging It keeps me closer to God It keeps me closer to you
All your worries doesn´t go away just takes away all your peace today. Danger is real but Fear is a choice Your smile´s a frown, when your head kept down. You, Don´t tell me maybe another day. cause Life is going on TODAY You Got a precious goal without a plan? ain´t no goal without a plan! Sometimes you really love to feel the pain of something lost, of something gone. You, Don´t tell me maybe another day cause Life is going on TODAY
Don´t wanna stand and watch you fall We drink too much and smoke too much We spend too much but laugh too little We drive too fast We brake too late We added years to life but no life to years. You only live once but if you do it right once is enough it is still worth the fight Don´t wanna stand here and watch you fall Just wanna shot another hole in your view of it all Don´t wanna stand here and watch you fall What´s the sense of it all, feel like I´m talking to a wall Just wanna shot another hole, in your view of it all You think more than you say you´re just wired that way. Keep your enemies close and you´ll fading like a rose That´s the prize that you pay Stop being afraid what could go wrong start being positive about what could go right You want to tell, the future by the past don´t be surprised if future put you there.


Recorded at
Recorded music is something left for the afterworld. A documentation. A moment of NOW from the PAST for the FUTURE.


released January 15, 2013


all rights reserved



Joe Calvanelli Hamburg, Germany

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